Who we are


To be the Africa leading Educational Service and Professional Training Provider, that produces competent resource personnel for organizations towards National development and Sustainability


To educate and develop competent resource personnel with capability to demonstrate both mental and technical proficiency through Education, Research, Training, Programs, Certifications and partnership and collaboration with relevant stakeholder


  • To Promote Acquisition of Mental, Technical and Entrepreneurship Skills Development Through Education, Research, Trainings, Programs and Certifications.
  • To Consistently Develop a Service-Based Goal That Exceed Candidate/Client Expectations that will Enhance Their Performance on a Given Task.
  • To Sustain Professionalism in the Labor Market by Adding Value Through the Certifications for Personal Development, Business Profit Maximization and Expansion.
  • To Offer Adequate Educational Information and Research both Home and Abroad; and Proffer Appropriate Solution(s) to National Educational Matters.
  • To Provide a Support ICT Specialized Skill System for Individual and Organization.
  • To Provide Competent and Result Oriented Driven Employees for Organizations.
  • To Serve as an Accredited Agent for Professional Bodies.


Professionalism: We ensure a global best practice in all our service delivery.

Competency: We focus on skills delivery ability, to earn and display a good leadership role. Innovative: Our service will always be at the forefront due to constant innovative strategy, commitment to research and engagement of expertise in our service delivery.

Quality: We hold quality as a standard by making our service acceptable and nothing less.
Excellent: The desire for excellence is our focus.


Our team of management are calibre of people from different sector of endeavour with wealth of experience and qualifications.